Bury St Edmunds Chess Club

Club Championship 2017
Cross Tables, Pairings and Results

For rules and dates of play see the relevant blog entry here.

1Jermy, Jaden123301071Fw2+b3+w6+bye=b5+4813203
2Ruthen, Stephen W169118359Lb1-bye=w7+b6+w3+4646162
3Lovell, Steve145277537Cb8+w1-b5+w4+b2-35749150
4Harvey, Adam140175809Dw9+w5=bye=b3-b8+34557139
5Collins, Jonathan L162186035Fw10+b4=w3-b8+w1-5652130
6Jones, Robert L143113887Lbye=w7+b1-w2-b10+4508127
7Myhill, Richard113227473Fbye=b6-b2-w10=b9+24417104
8Ramsey, Sean70 w3-bye+b9+w5-w4-2429073
9Hart, Greg60 b4-b10+w8-bye+w7-2426867
10Smith, Hugo98233843Kb5-w9-bye+b7=w6-429975



A = Player's score

B = Number of graded games played

C = Total grading points

D = Grading performance


Board White  Result Black  
16Jermy, Jaden123 1 - 01Ruthen, Stephen W168 
22Collins, Jonathan L162 1 - 08Smith, Hugo98 
39Ramsey, Sean70 0 - 13Lovell, Steve148 
45Harvey, Adam140 1 - 010Hart, Greg60 
57Myhill, Richard113 ½ - 0 Half-point bye  
64Jones, Robert L143 ½ - 0 Half-point bye  
Board White  Result Black  
15Harvey, Adam140[1]½ - ½2Collins, Jonathan L162[1]
23Lovell, Steve148[1]0 - 16Jermy, Jaden123[1]
34Jones, Robert L143[½]1 - 07Myhill, Richard113[½]
48Smith, Hugo98[0]0 - 110Hart, Greg60[0]
51Ruthen, Stephen W168[0]½ - 0 Half-ppint bye  
69Ramsey, Sean70[0]1 - 0 Full-point bye  

Additional game(s)

Board White  Result Black  
711Wood, David290 - 19Ramsey, Sean70 
Board White  Result Black  
16Jermy, Jaden123[2]1 - 04Jones, Robert L143[1½]
22Collins, Jonathan L162[1½]0 - 13Lovell, Steve148[1]
310Hart, Greg60[1]0 - 19Ramsey, Sean70[1]
41Ruthen, Stephen W168[½]1 - 07Myhill, Richard113[½]
55Harvey, Adam140[1½]½ - 0 Half-point bye  
68Smith, Hugo98[0]1 - 0 Full-point bye  

Additional game(s)

Board White  Result Black  
711Dickinson, Richard970 - 19Smith, Hugo98 
Board White  Result Black  
13Lovell, Steve145[2]1 - 05Harvey, Adam140[2]
29Ramsey, Sean70[2]0 - 12Collins, Jonathan L162[1½]
34Jones, Robert L143[1½]0 - 11Ruthen, Stephen W168[1½]
47Myhill, Richard113[½]½ - ½8Smith, Hugo98[1]
56Jermy, Jaden123[3]½ - 0 Half-point bye  
610Hart, Greg60[1]1 - 0 Full-point bye  
Board White  Result Black  
12Collins, Jonathan L162[2½]0 - 16Jermy, Jaden123[3½]
21Ruthen, Stephen W169[2½]1 - 03Lovell, Steve145[3]
39Ramsey, Sean70[2]0 - 15Harvey, Adam140[2]
410Hart, Greg60[2]0 - 17Myhill, Richard113[1]
58Smith, Hugo98[1½]0 - 14Jones, Robert L143[1½]
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