Summer Programme: Survey Results

Many thanks to all those who participated in the survey. I intend to publish the programme soon, but in the meantime, here are the survey results.

Question 1: You were asked which of a list of events you would attend. Responses were as follows.

Event Score
Blitz tournament (from 5 to 15 minutes) 90%
Coaching from our top players 80%
Simultaneous Exhibition with one of our top players 80%
Simultaneous Exhibition with a Master 80%
Rapidplay tournament (15 to 25 minutes) 80%
Lightning tournament (move on the buzzer) 80%
Thematic tournament 80%
Gambit tournament 80%
Coaching from a Master 70%
Fischer Random (Chess960) tournament 70%
Puzzles evening 70%
Time handicap tournament (strong players have less time) 60%
Piece handicap tournament (strong players have fewer pieces) 40%

No alternative activities were suggested. As expected, very few of you would have been happy to pay more than the customary £1 unless a GM was involved.

Question 2: For Rapidplay and Blitz tournaments, you were asked which time controls you’d be happy to play.

Time Control Score
15-minutes (5 games) 80%
05-minutes (10+ games) 50%
20-minutes (4 games) 50%
25-minutes (3 games) 50%
10-minutes (7 games) 40%

Question 3: Lastly, you were also asked if I should collect your preferences this way in the future.

Should I collect views like this again? Score
Definitely 90%
Don’t mind 10%
I suppose so 0%
I’d rather you didn’t 0%
Heck no 0%

Thanks again for being involved. Check back again soon to see the programme.

Steve Lovell

Steve is the Communications Officer for the Bury St Edmunds Chess Club. He is also the Internet Officer for the Bury Area Chess League and the Suffolk County Chess Association. Since 2015, Steve has been the organiser of the Bury St Edmunds Chess Congress. Outside of chess, if there is such a thing, Steve works in IT at Greene King.

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