Bury St Edmunds Chess Club

A Collection of Interesting Games (Mostly) by Club and Local Players
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Games List
White Black Event Date
Stan Bazyk Adam Leigh Bury St Edmunds F vs Cambridge Gowns, BACL Division 3 14 January 2016
GM Vladimr Georgiev IM Justin Tan Illinois Open 2015 07 September 2015
Bob Jones Patrick Ribbands Bury St Edmunds Cobras vs Cambridge Bollards, BACL Division 2 17 January 2013
Alba Saenz de Villaverde Anita Somton Bury St Edmunds F v Bury St Edmunds E, BACL Division 3 14 February 2013
Stephen Gregory David Spence Norfolk - Suffolk Cup, Suffolk Final 03 May 2012
Alan Merry Tim Lunn Norfolk - Suffolk Cup, Suffolk Final 03 May 2012
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