Bury St Edmunds Chess Club

Bury St Edmunds Chess Club welcomes players of all standards and of all ages, though familiarity with the rules of chess is assumed. Potential members are welcome to attend the chess club once or twice before paying full membership fees.

Juniors also have the option of attending the Bury Knights Junior Chess Club, but are encouraged to come to the main club (or both clubs) as soon as they are mature enough to mingle with adults.
Membership Rates
The 2018-19 Season
To play as part of a team, you will need to join the ECF as well as the club. ECF membership will cost from £16 for adults or £5 for Juniors. The ECF have some put together some instructions for those joining for the first time and for those renewing a previous membership. Feel free to ask questions either at the club or via our contact page. You may also contact the ECF for assistance (Tel: 01424 775222 or Email: membership@englishchess.org.uk).

Club membership fees for the 2018-19 season are as follows:

Adult (under 65) :£30
Adult (over 65) :£20
Junior (18 and under) :£20
Unwaged :£20
Second Club * :£10 off the above

While team members will need to pay for ECF membership, the changes at the ECF have allowed us to lower our membership fees.

Please get in touch with our Treasurer, Hugo Smith, to arrange payment. As ever, new players are welcome to attend an evening or two before joining.

In addition to the above, to help us cover our costs, members are expected to pay a £1 attendance fee on each club night.

* For Bury St Edmunds to be considered your secondary club, you must be a full member of another club which competes in one the same leagues as Bury St Edmunds Chess Club and, on that account, play for Bury in only the other of the two leagues.
Membership List
Club Members and their Grades
The most reliable source of player grades is the ECF. You can find their full list of players associated with the Bury St Edmunds Chess Club on this page. The table below is a snapshot of how things stood in July 2018. Click on any row to see the player's ECF profile, or hold the 'Shift' key while you click to see a list of recent results within local competitions. Alternatively visit the Suffolk Grading Website.

Cattermole, David120
Collins, Jonathan L165
Davison, Chris192192
Dickinson, Richard82
Donnelly, Andrew J139
Feavyour, John176
Garcia, Laureano127
Grant, Callum78
Gregory, Stephen J179
Harris, Michael220
Hart, Greg59
Harvey, Adam128
Jermy, Jaden164167
John, Adam151142
John, Alan125128
John, Amy9897
Jones, Robert144
Kent, Rowan84106
Kosviner, Emile99
Le-Vine, Mark187
Lewis, Stephen169
Lovell, Steve137
Lunn, Timothy184
Martin, Ralph104
Martin, Tia4669
Martin, Toby4480
Martinez, Rene M136139
McCorry, Robert180
Moody, William95
Moore, Graham213
Moss, Connan95
Munson, Shaun D199
Myhill, Richard109
Pack, James136
Peck, Silas OJ185
Peters, John194
Player, Edmund206198
Pott, Laurie142
Pride, Stephen138
Roberts, Colin129
Roy, Tom120119
Ruthen, Stephen173
Saenz de Villaverde, Aaron46
Saenz de Villaverde, Mario80
Sait, William157
Savage, Nicholas W171
Scott, Robert K90
Shephard, Andrew155
Shepherd-Rose, Christopher N96
Smith, Hugo103
Taylor, Anthony108
Wallis, Ian177
Watkins, Alan152
York-Andersen, Anna134
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