Bury St Edmunds Chess Club

About the Club

Bury St Edmunds Chess Club welcomes players of all standards. We compete in two leagues and field a large number of teams. One of them will be a good fit for you. During the chess season the club nights are every Thursday from 7.15 pm until 10.30 pm and every Friday from 7 pm. The latter overlaps with the second half of the Bury Knights. The venue is the Moreton Hall Community Centre in Symonds Road. Click here for a map.

Plans for summer 2020 are yet to be decided. We are likely to meet at most once a week.

We also have a sister club which meets on Tuesday afternoons at the Apex in the town centre.

Juniors are encouraged to come on Thursdays as soon as they are mature enough to mingle with the adults. The club maintains a strong connection with the Bury Knights Junior Chess Club. It is a friendly club where visitors and potential members are warmly welcomed.

Programme 2019

The Club was formed in 1998 when two of the then four chess clubs in Bury St Edmunds decided to merge. The Woolpack Wanderers and the Bury Knights were the two clubs involved and the main purpose of their coming together was to form a single strong club that would be able to challenge the might of Ipswich Chess Club, Suffolk's largest and strongest club.

This club was originally named the Bury Canons, and subsequently changed to Bury Cannons, due to its then location at the Lucky Break Snooker Club. In July 2009, following the demise of the Bury and West Suffolk Chess Club, by then the only other chess club in the town, our club's name was changed again to the Bury St Edmunds Chess Club.

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