Norfolk and Suffolk Champions!

Having already beaten Manningtree to become the winners of the Suffolk section of this event, on Thursday 29 June we hosted the Norfolk and Norwich Chess Club in six board match to decide the overall winners of the Norfolk and Suffolk Cup. The individual board results were as follows.

Bury St Edmunds 4-2 Norfolk & Norwich
1 (b) Mike Harris (2312) 1-0 Steve Orton (2157)
2 (w) Jaden Jermy (2124) ½-½ Daniel Gomez (2103)
3 (b) Mark Le Vine (2054) ½-½ Vivash Samarakoon (2099)
4 (w) Jan Balogh (2012) ½-½ Arasu Ganesan (2090)
5 (b) Steve Ruthen (1895) ½-½ Ben Collinson (1989)
6 (w) Steve Lovell (1835) 1-0 Phil Bartram (1942)

Steve Lovell

Steve is the Communications Officer for the Bury St Edmunds Chess Club. He is also the Internet Officer for the Bury Area Chess League and the Suffolk County Chess Association. Since 2015, Steve has been the organiser of the Bury St Edmunds Chess Congress. Outside of chess, if there is such a thing, Steve works in IT at Greene King.

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